Are you hankering for a healthier weed option?

buy edibles

buy edibles

While there’s no arguing that cannabis has proven to have an endless list of medical benefits — treatment for chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, glaucoma, epileptic seizures and various forms of cancer — there are still some concerns about the potential risk of developing respiratory issues from smoke inhalation. While marijuana contains far fewer chemical additives then combustible cigarettes, inhaling burning plant matter still comes with a risk to your lungs. That’s why in recognition of World Health Day (April 7) we wanted to highlight a couple of other ways that you can enjoy your favorite past-time as a stoner, while also keeping your overall health in mind.   

Vape your favorite buds

Using a vaporizer rather than smoking a joint has its own list of advantages in terms of healthfulness. Instead of burning your herb and following by inhaling the smoke, your vape pen simply heats up the plant material to a high enough temperature so that the vapor can evaporate into the air for you to inhale. The best part is that this method of marijuana consumption still allows you to enjoy the same tastes, scents and feelings offered by your weed strain, as well as all the cannabinoid properties (CBD and THC), without the same toxins that are created through combustion. So, if you’re a connoisseur that’s seeking the ultimate purity and quality of organic, premium herb, but without any harsh coughing following your stellar bong toke, a vape pen may be the calling to revamp your weed experience.

Indulge in some edibles

If you’re the type of stoner who gets super baked and then proceeds to eat everything in your cupboards, perhaps weed-infused edibles would be a good alternative marijuana consumption method to meet your blooming needs? Ultimately, you’d just be killing two birds with one stone and that sounds pretty fantastic.

Now, for those of you who’re looking for a way to reach the high you want, but still focus on the well-being of your body, eating edibles is an amazing option for keeping your health on track, as the cannabinoids can easily be absorbed by the body through your digestive tract — keeping in mind that heat has a role to play in you’re looking to increase the psychoactive effects of the compound. So, when you buy edibles, maybe consider a product that you can stir into your everyday cooking or a tasty treat that can be heated up in the oven. The best part is that in a world with everything readily available at our fingertips you’re even able to buy edibles online based on reviews written by other weed enthusiasts.

What’s your favorite weed consumption method? Drop a comment below to share your thoughts.

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