3 ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day as a weed enthusiast

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While some people could use a little assistance in the development of more romantic charm, others have no problem taking their love of weed, and their Valentine, to higher heights. So, whether you’re planning to do the usual and just get stoned before indulging in some of your most-loved foods or you’re in the works of planning an over-the-top way to profess your admiration, truth be told that your stoney soulmate will likely appreciate any of the following gestures of passion. Why? Because they’re the Cheech to your Chong. 

Have breakfast in bed, with a twist 

Not everyone has the luxury to have Valentine’s Day off, but if you’re one of the lucky lovebirds who can remain snuggled in your comforter, why not start your morning off with a hardy breakfast in bed, accompanied by a side of edibles? When you have nowhere else to be, edibles are the perfect way to unwind, relax, and enjoy the euphoric properties of some delicious, bite-sized infusions. Whether it’s a few slabs of THC almond chocolate, some CBD olive oil on your fried eggs or a green apple lollipop, rather than a fruit salad, you’ll be sure to enjoy every moment of your cannabis-themed Valentine’s breakfast! 

Make a cannabis bouquet and pair it with a card

If you’re strapped for a last-minute gift idea for your partner, that’s okay, because you’ll get to exercise your creativity! Keep in mind that not everyone gets as excited about boring bouquets and store-bought cards. So, instead of caving to tradition why not make your Hunny a floral arrangement, cannabis style? All you have to do is buy a bundle of flowers and strategically place some bright, colourful nugs in and around the petals. Also, if you have the time, grab a piece of paper, fold it in half and draw a big marijuana leaf on the front, paired with a funny greeting. Talk about ingenious for potheads! 

Give your beloved a cannabis-infused massage

Everyone loves a deep-tissue massage and there are surprisingly a lot of benefits of using cannabis-infused topicals. While many traditional oils and lotions will successfully re-hydrate and soften the skin, only the topicals you buy online will have the power to localize aches and pains, treat mild skin irritations, alleviate symptoms of psoriasis, reduce inflammation, and give a great therapeutic massage all in one go. Essentially, when you buy topicals online, such as cannabis-infused salves, lotions, and oils, you’re opening the door to some incredible antibiotic resilience. Did we mention they smell great too?

How are you planning to spend your Valentine’s Day? With a doobie in hand, we hope! Drop a comment below to share with our readers. 

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