3 extracts that will make your Christmas lights look extra dope

Christmas lights

Since most enthusiasts likely won’t receive any cannabis-infused gifts in their holiday stockings, that doesn’t mean that they can’t spread their own cheer. In fact, if they’re wanting to celebrate the festive season holiblaze style then they can buy concentrates online that offer a merry enhanced experience. Nevertheless, if getting lit is on your holiday to-do list than its high time to get mistlestoned with your favorite buds! 

Coast Concentrates Shatters

This Vancouver-based, premium shatter brand is known for its high-quality varieties and the benefits it has to help manage and treat an assortment of health conditions. The best part is that most of their extracts yield very high THC levels, ranging between 70% and 95%. So, if you’re looking to buy concentrates online that offer an added psychedelic charge, then perhaps these visionary, mind-bending products will exuberant just the right about of holiday cheer? Try Green Crack or Blue Dream if you’re hoping for an extract that makes you feel happy, uplifted and downright holly jolly!  

Canada’s Best Derivatives Distillates

If you’re the type of enthusiast who prefers to dab, vape or simply mix the product in as an added ingredient within your edible recipe, distillate concentrates may provide the high that you’re hoping to achieve. These runny, translucent oils are highly potent and versatile and when it comes to quality refinement, none quite match the appeal of Canada’s Best Derivatives distillate selection. Featuring chipper flavors such as Black Cherry, Butterscotch and Rootbeer, every sess will have you grooving to the jovial colours of the season. 

Blackout Extracts Kief Cups

If you’re the type of cannabiseur who enjoys a chronic twist on a beloved classic, then kief likely possesses a prominent placement within your holiday festivities, especially if you want to transform the crystal-like cannabis into cookies! Needless to say, when you buy concentrates online, you’re subjected to a potent trichome extravaganza, especially if your focus includes any kief cups produced with Platinum Cookies, Rockstar or Ice Cream. So, pack a bowl to pass around with your buds and embrace your dank love for the best collection of Oh Christmas kief.  Let’s get lit this Christmas! Which highly potent concentrates will you be adding to your must-try list? Drop a comment below to share.

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