What are some ways to enjoy the effects of weed without smoking it?

methods of weed consumption

Often times most people begin their cannabis journey by smoking a joint or hitting the bong, although there are many other methods of weed consumption that may be more appealing to you. Since everyone is so unique in terms of their mind and body, testing out some smoke-free cannabis options may help you to overcome any of the unwanted side effects — burning throat, elevated mind and body or heightened coughing — that can often be associated with smoking the green stuff. So, why not try a few of these other methods of weed consumption and compare the pros of cons of some more health-conscious options?


The chemical compounds that are prevalent in various weed strains are able to expel without full combustion when they are vaped at much lower, less harmful temperatures. This means that you don’t have to set fire to your bud in order to enjoy the euphoric experiences that it has to offer. Vaporized weed is known for being much easier on the lungs and is a subtle, more convenient on-the-go method of weed consumption. Not to mention, you’re also able to test out some wicked concentrates and oils in the process.


Consuming cannabis-infused foods or drinks are a popular alternative to the more traditional route of smoking. The diversity of edibles has vastly expanded over the years, giving the toker a plethora of both healthy and sweet-tasting snack options. Virtually anything can be infused with butter or oil, making it a fun experiment if you’re curious about experimenting with your own edibles at home. That being said, they have the power to hit you much harder than smoking, because it often takes a little bit longer to kick in with any intensity. So, just remember to have fun and be patient when you choose edibles as your method of weed consumption.

Pill form

Similar to the well-known alternative edibles, THC pills and CBD pills are ingestible oils that are available in any cannabis concentrate you wish. They commonly come in capsules or plastic applicators and can either be consumed directly or tossed in with a meal or drink. Ingestible oils, just like edibles, possess a more powerful side effect that can take a while to kick in, so, just be cautious of your dosage.


Offering numerous benefits to the body, topicals are cannabis-infused lotions and balms that are applied directly to the skin for relief of pain, soreness or inflammation. The unique part about using topicals is that they do not possess any psychoactive effects, making them the perfect option to use throughout the day.

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