These 4 activities are so much better when you’re high

We all have hobbies and activities of interest. While sitting around and sinking into your couch, binge-watching Netflix may feel like the most appealing thing to do after you smoke a fat joint, sometimes there are other endeavors that are equally as fun and stimulating to do with the help of some Mary Jane. So, grab your bong, load your bowl and call up a few of your favorite stoner friends to join you in enjoying these four activities that are fun things to do high.

Playing games stoned

Whether you’re a board game master who strategizes their way through every match or you simply relish in the pleasure of a good video game, there’s no denying that playing games is so much better if you and your game mates are stoned. Call it added concentration if you will, but there’s something about getting high that really allows you to focus all your attention on the game. The only downside is the game might go a tad bit slower than usual.

Have an eating competition

Since you’re probably already going to have some killer cravings, you might as well host an eating competition as one of your fun things to do high. The everyday human, even with a hefty appetite, is no match for the munchies that stand behind the proud, food-loving stoner. You can even raise the stakes a little and make it so that the loser has to buy the winner a big bag of ganja.

Getting stoned on a hike

There’s something incredibly peaceful and soothing about being one with nature when your high. Whether you enjoy a few casual tokes to keep you hauling yourself up hills and over large boulders or you love a grand smoking session at the top as your reward, there’s no arguing that weed combined with the great outdoors will help your feel a little positive energy, especially when you’re out with your friends.

Cleaning your house

Everyone dreads finding the time and patience to clean their home. Although it’s a necessary chore, it’s usually not the first task you’ll find yourself raising your hand for. That’s where getting stoned can help you. Getting high allows the time to go flying by, so you can get the boring task of cleaning out of the way in the most entertaining way. So, dance to your favorite music, sing along to some killer karaoke and scrub your floors with a joint in hand.

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