How to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with your favorite green

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Most people use St. Patrick’s Day as the perfect excuse to get wasted, but what if we told you that you can go green without taking to the bars? For some people, this day is their way of cherishing their Irish heritage, but for most, it’s an occasion where the Guinness flows in an abundance! So, whether you want to shake up the way you indulge in this vibrant festivity or you simply enjoy the 7-leaf clover, why not exchange something boozy for the pot at the end of the rainbow?  

Why should weed be your lucky charm this holiday season?

Aside from the fact that cannabis comes in assorted shades of green, it also presents users with a great alternative to alcohol for St. Patrick’s Day. When it comes to celebrating signature holidays alcohol indeed plays a major role, however, there are many reasons that this tradition could use an amendment. For example, some people simply don’t enjoy drinking and others that may be struggling with addiction. Also, there are circumstances where people can become aggressive, get behind the wheel or simply just pass out from too much drinking. While all of the above examples are worst-case scenarios, the truth is that it does happen, and since holidays are a time for celebration, larger quantities are often consumed. So, rather than staggering home on March 17th, why not buy some weed online and munch your way through the decadent flavors of the Irish cuisine instead? 

You don’t need to avoid alcohol

Not every person needs to abandon the idea of getting tipsy with their favorite beverages on St. Patrick’s Day. It’s all about enjoying the luck of the Irish, and for some stoners, a well-crafted beer can pair perfectly with their favorite weed strain! The true connoisseurs will match the perfume of their bud to the aromas of their drink and together indulge in a sensual experience. Just keep in mind and consider the effects of consuming cannabis and alcohol together and know your limits! 

  • Stouts bring out the flavor varieties in food and they’re bound to enhance the taste of the weed you buy online. The chocolate, coffee undertones pair well with earthy, pine strains. 
  • Pale ales offer a magnificent blend of IPAs and pilsners, providing citrusy, pine and lemony flavors. This clean selection has a slightly bitter flavor, so it would require a sweeter, even cheesy weed strain to balance it all out. 
  • Pilsners are a new dimension of beer drinking and would be invaluable for drawing out the best fruity strains to compliment the crispness of the beer. 
  • Porters possess a slight chocolate flavor and bold, creamy finish, which means naturally, these darker complexions would compliment sour weed strains. 
  • IPAs are the type of beer with a higher level of hops and their bitter flavors complement the aromas and essence of spicy strains with a milder finish.

What strain will you be indulging in this St. Patrick’s Day? Drop a comment below to compare with other readers. 

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