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While smoking weed offers many of the effects users know and love, edibles are that tasty, next-level offering that allows those who are more comfortable and experienced to delay the onset of their sought-after effects. Whether you enjoy the relaxing properties exhibited shortly after consumption or rely on fast acting edibles to provide relief from pain or anxiety, there are so many reasons to use and love edibles. Continue reading if you’re like us and want to know more about the best edibles in Canada.

Top cannabis edibles in Canada

Whether you’re a long-time edible lover or someone that has recently decided to give it a try, before introducing yourself to some of the top cannabis edibles on the market in Canada, let’s first summarize the popular selections.

  • Baked goods: Among the most common type of cannabis edible, baked goods products include cookies, brownies, muffins, and more.
  • Chocolates: With options including white, dark, and mint chocolate, sweet tooth lovers often flock to indulge in their favourite treats while experiencing the best psychoactive effects of edibles.
  • Gummies and chews: Offered in varying shapes and sizes, gummies and candies are a great way to properly dose yourself to avoid unpleasant side effects.
  • Cooking oils: For those who want to venture into the realm of cannabis cooking, there are oils that you can infuse into some of your favourite recipes. 
  • Savoury snacks: You don’t need to be salty to enjoy a simple savoury snack. With options like pretzels, biscuits, and peanut butter, it’s easy to satisfy just about any craving. 

What are the top cannabis edibles in Canada?

Best edibles for arousal

Cannabis-infused edibles are incredibly effective in improving sexual health in men and women by boosting sexual desires, abilities, arousal, and performance. While what works for each person may differ, it’s best to go with trial and error if you want to find the best product to meet your needs.

Consider trying the following for heightening your arousal: 

Best edibles for sleep

Edibles in Canada possess a strong focus on sleep, which is why cannabis-infused products are very effective for those with insomnia or irregular sleep patterns. While each person is different, edibles containing high amounts of THC can help a user achieve uninterrupted sleep. 

Consider trying the following for that added dream state: 

Best edibles for migraines 

If you’re looking for fast acting edibles that will localize pain prevention, there are some fantastic choices, especially for people who suffer from migraines. For the best results, ensure that your edible product contains high CBD content.

Consider trying the following for migraine relief:

Best edibles for pain relief

The best weed edibles for pain relief are those with a high CBD content. However, THC is also important in helping address inflammation. If this is your first time using edibles for pain relief, use them with caution and take small amounts and/or lower doses.

Consider the following edibles for pain relief:

Best edibles for sex

While it isn’t easy to pinpoint the best edibles for sex, the strongest edibles in Canada are a good starting point for those that want to liven up their sex lives. Cannabinoids found in both THC and CBD edibles can help to provide increased blood flow, which allows for more vaginal secretions while also promoting erections.

Consider the following edibles in Canada for a better sex drive:

Best edibles for ADHD

While every person’s mental health concerns vary, many medical professionals promote edibles with both THC and CBD for clients who suffer from ADHD. Since the best edible gummies are good for reducing anxiety with antidepressant benefits, the best weed edibles overall are a viable alternative over traditional ADHD medication.

Consider the following edibles in Canada to help alleviate some symptoms and stress associated with ADHD:

Best edibles for depression

Similar to ADHD, edibles are often used to treat varying symptoms of depression. Since both THC and CBD are proven to naturally boost serotonin levels in the brain, it is very common for users to consider the strongest edibles in Canada are part of their treatment. While there is no one-size-fits-all approach for using edibles regarding mental illness, there are some products that are great mood boosters.

Consider the following best edible gummies for your depression: 

Best edibles for anxiety 

Even the best THC chocolate won’t help with your anxiety if you don’t want to achieve relief. That said, since the common effects of edibles are elation, relaxation, and euphoria, edibles are a great solution for those suffering from anxiety. While the best weed edibles are a great tool for treating your anxiety, consider combining your edible intake with other treatment options to achieve the full effect rather than just a one-time psychedelic experience.

Consider the following edibles as a way to help with your anxiety:

Not sure what dosage to ingest? Check out our article on understanding cannabis edibles dosage.

*We are not a licensed medical professional and recommend that before purchasing edibles online, you first consult with your practitioner to ensure these products won’t affect your conditions.

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