4 reasons you should try cannabis concentrates

buy shatter online

buy shatter online

Cannabis concentrates have become an increasingly popular consumption method within the culture of well-seasoned tokers. However, since their potency and unfamiliarity can be intimidating for first-timers, many people fail to reap the wide-spread benefits of these clean, smooth extracts. Since the word concentrates is simply an umbrella term that refers to varying products such as shatter, rosin, BHO, BO2, wax, crumble, honey, oil, dabs, hash, tinctures and capsules, you’re almost guaranteed to feel overwhelmed and confused at the breadth of options and strengths available. So, in order to balance the scale of knowledge, we’re to tell you why you absolutely need to give cannabis concentrates more of your attention.

They possess a higher potency

While many people enjoy cannabis concentrates because of their subtle odours and discrete, convenient consumption methods, others savor the high THC levels that these extracts have to offer which is typically 40% to 80% instead of the usual 20% that’s found in your average herb. Your body also absorbs concentrates at a faster rate, making the effects and the experience set in almost immediately after consumption. So, if you’re a stoner who’s for something with a bit more potency, then we suggest you buy shatter online rather than your usual Sativa purchase.

They’re more efficient

There’s always a chance that you may take too large of a bong hoot or overconsume your edibles while you’re patiently waiting for the effects to kick in. But before you know it you’ve ingested far beyond your tolerance level and now, you’re uncomfortably high. This isn’t the same case with cannabis concentrates because they can be smoked slowly and tactfully to your preferred state which decreases the onsets of paranoia and anxiety.

They provide faster relief

When it comes to pain management, cannabis extracts have proven to be incredibly effective in terms of treatment. So, the major advantage of using cannabis concentrates is their potential to provide quick relief from chronic pain, inflammation and the discomfort that can be related to a variety of health conditions. The best part is since the body absorbs it almost instantaneously, medical patients and everyday consumers are able to manage their own pain levels without relying on more dangerous, habit-forming, prescription drugs.  

They smell better

When you buy shatter online, you’re reaping the benefits of better smells. After all, many people dislike the unpleasant aromas of burnt herb that can be left behind after smoking an entire joint. While it can depend on the type of concentrate you try, many extracts in their concentrated form are virtually odourless and if they do possess a smell, it usually dissipates rather quickly. The best part is your clothes won’t be left smelling of smoke!

Buy shatter online and start learning about the wonders of cannabis concentrates! Share with our readers what your favorite concentrate method is in the comments section below.


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