Power Plant Diamond Sauce


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Diamonds Sauce is a fun product developed using amazing isolate crystals soaked in hemp-derived terpene “sauce”.  Diamonds Sauce is an adapted product common in the cannabis market, called Diamonds and Sauce.  This product delivers a concentrated blast of vaporized and a flavor burst of terpenes that has an immediate effect on pain relief as well as the expected relaxing effects.


Diamond Sauce is a unique product that combines the concentrated essential oils, called terpenes, that are extracted from hemp and the crystallized extracted and purified from the hemp plant.  Think of it as a “deconstructed” experience like so many fancy dishes popular at restaurants where they strip a meal down to its individual components and present them in new and interesting ways.  Varying from hemp strain-specific terpenes to essential oils of other plants or even natural flavors if you prefer to have some diamonds that taste like blueberry pie, orange creamsicle pops, or strawberry shortcake!  The experience is only limited by imagination.


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