Straight Goods – Dual Chamber Vape (6g)

Straight Goods – Dual Chamber Vapes are built to redefine your vaping journey. With two separate chambers, you can double your vaping pleasure by loading two distinct e-liquids or concentrates. This innovative design ensures that you can seamlessly switch between flavors, enhancing the versatility of your vaping experience. Why settle for one when you can have it all?

Original Glue / Melon Haze (S/H)
Pie Face / Watermelon (H/I)
Strawberry Cough / Holy Zaza (S/I)
Mimosa / Skittlez (S/I)
Blueberry Cookies / Bubba Kush (I/I)
Smack Snacks / Lamb Bread (H/S)
Peach Rings / Jungle Juice (H/H)

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