Skydog (AA)

A Canadian hybrid strain that has taken off in many areas including the USA is Skydog. The actual parents vary but they are strong Indicas with some haze. The ratio is about 80:20 Indica/Sativa. The smell it offers is lemon and that is also the smooth taste it offers. The THC level can be up to 21%. This particular plant doesn’t grow very tall but it does offer a nice yield. The buds are dark green in color and they form large clusters. The crystals that form on them are a light dusting but the intensity of them more than makes up for the lack of volume. Skydog offers a very intense high that isn’t recommended for those new to the use of cannabis. Smoking it is the most common method of use. It is a dry strain so some people find it initiates coughing. It is often used by those that want a very in depth high or those that suffer from high levels of chronic pain.

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