Mushy Mushy: Mini Choco Melties


Got a sweet tooth? We’ve got you covered.

Introducing our delicious 100mg Choco Melties. Carefully crafted by the Mushy team, what sets our chocolates apart is the purity of our extract. Each Mushy chocolate has the exact equivalent of 100mg of dried psilocybin mushroom.

Mushy’s Choco Melties also come in 15 MINI pieces.

Feel like a little pick-me-up with your after-dinner coffee?

You can start low and go slow or eat whole BUNCH, it’s up to you.

Our extraction process fully removes the compound CHITIN — a naturally-occurring amino polysaccharide which is known to be the occasional cause of upset stomach and nausea when eating mushroom stems and caps. Think of it as a mushroom’s natural defense mechanism.

No chitin means no gut rot and no upset tummies.

That means you’re free to experience everything Mushy has to offer with no distractions.

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