Lavender Haze (AA)

Being an indica dominant strain, Lavender Haze has a 60:40 indica/sativa ratio. Lavender Haze is a cross between Lavender and G-13 Haze. The buds are covered with vibrant and exotic purple leaves. The strain is recommended for use in the afternoon and has an exquisite aroma and taste to go along with it. It has a floral scent that will remind you of lavender blooms. As for the taste, it is quite similar to Afghani Kush and should keep you coming back for seconds. A lot of patients feel energized after smoking the strain and will feel creative and more talkative than usual. The high is able to uplift your mood after a hit or two. The strain is perfect for patients who suffer from depression and insomnia. Additionally, it has been used to treat chronic pains and aches as well. But then again, the medical applications are plenty but it varies from patient to patient. Many individuals are known to have been able to treat other medical problems like anxiety disorders, nausea and even anorexia.

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