Cheddar Cheese (AA)

It’s hard to find much of any information on this rare cheese strain. There seems to be some confusion as to exactly where it comes from, and the term “cheddar cheese” may be used to refer to other, unrelated strains. The real thing has a 50:50 ratio of sativa to indica. That means this strain should deliver a mix of mind and body effects, ideal for relieving daytime stress. CBD levels are low in Cheddar Cheese, so it isn’t the best choice for treating conditions that respond to that chemical. But THC levels are high, making this a potent choice for mood disorders and anxiety. Purportedly a descendant of Skunk #1 and an original Afghani strain, it’s a close cousin of the original UK Cheese. Like that strain, Cheddar Cheese has a sharp, skunky cheese aroma and flavor. The buds have a light green appearance with dark orange hairs and a thick layer of glistening trichomes. Side effects include dry mouth and bloodshot eyes, with limited reports of paranoia and dizziness. Found mostly in its home country, this strain is a local specialty that isn’t common elsewhere. You may find original Cheese mislabeled as Cheddar Cheese, but these two strains are not the same.

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