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This product is a full spectrum product, typically taken to help with chronic conditions. Take a grain sized drop to start and escalate from there. Derived from organic cannabis, void of fats and lipids. Can be dabbed, smoked,  or ingested. Contains 76% Pure CBD, 3% THC. Crystallization of the Distillate happens naturally due to the purity of the product, apply minor heat to the syringe to express the contents. Comes in 1ml, or approx. 1 gram syringes.

3 reviews for CBD DISTILLATE

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  1. chris (verified owner)

    yummy! tastes like raw honey from the comb in a vape pen. my muscles are relaxing. i like the cbd distillate product but imho the syringe with the plastic twiston tip is not as easy to use as the syringes that the raw distillate comes in. as i like to preheat the syringe tip quickly with a lighter before using it.

  2. lauraireland1771 (verified owner)

    Was almost completely buddered and there were a ridiculous amount of air pockets. I didnt get the amount I paid for and what I did was less than par.

  3. lauraireland1771 (verified owner)

    It looks the same as it did the first time I bought this, and I honestly don’t know if that’s good or bad….but I gave it another shot due to a torn rib cage muscle. And it helped. A lot. Not as much as the meds I got for it, but it certainly eased things after i ran out. This is great stuff for moderate pain relief.

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