CBD Distillate – 1gm

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The world-wide research focus on non-psychoactive CBD or Cannabidiol overturns all ganja stereotypes. CBD is one of 85 active molecules in ganja that interact with the human body’s internal receptors. CBD produces zero ‘high’. But researchers are exploring its impact on a growing list of physiological conditions. The potential health effects have led some advocates to call CBD “Vitamin CBD”.

May help with: Pain | Inflammation | Arthritis | Nerve Pain | Muscle Spasms | Insomnia | Epilepsy

CBD Content:92%


What is Cannabis Distillate?

Distillation is defined as:

The action of purifying a liquid by a process of heating or cooling

The extraction of the essential meaning or most important aspect of something

In regards to cannabis, distillation is a process that creates concentrates that are “cleaner” than other concentrates in that they’re pure on a molecular level. Distillates are also one of the most potent types of concentrates that exist.

Distillation of cannabis allows for the extraction of cannabinoids that offer a pure, versatile, and potent product that has infinite potential as far as application is concerned.

Uses: Dabbing, making edibles, making topicals and more..



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