Baxter – Pre Rolled Blunts Tin (7-Pack)

If you’re looking for a true class, look no further. Baxter’s 7 Pack of pre-rolled blunts are the next level of premium cannabis products. They source all of their bud from local B.C. farms and go to great lengths to avoid rolling up anything but the best Triple-A’s and Quads. Each pre-roll is hand-rolled with the utmost care and consideration. Despite the fact that they may look like cigarillos, they contain zero nicotine or tobacco. Once you take these for a spin, you won’t want to smoke anything else.

Each tin of 7 joints contains a total of 3.5g of premium B.C. bud (0.5g per pre-roll) and comes with a set of matches, so you’re always able to spark up without fear of forgetting your lighter.

Now Available in 3 options:

  • Rise (Sativa)
  • Revitalize (Hybrid)
  • Chill (Indica)

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.