5’10 Peach Menthol Cartridge – 1 ml – 300 mg THC


This delicious, Peach Menthol flavoured, THC infused, vape cartridge will keep you relaxed and focused on your tasks, all the way, while you vape through your day..

1 ml THC cartridge. 300 mg THC.

Cannabis isn’t just about joints anymore! This delicious, Peach Menthol flavoured THC  infused vape cartridge is the perfect way for you to enjoy a potent high without having to smoke. Suitable for a number of different vapes, this product offers you an ideal way to enjoy a buzz throughout the day. THC heavy, it will keep you relaxed and focused on your tasks, whether at work or at home.

This is a great option for those who are new to cannabis, as you are able to dose according to your needs, and gradually build up to the level of high you want.

Our Peach Menthol flavoured cartridge is formulated using high-quality THC oil, and delivers clarity and
calm for a functional and enjoyable high.

1 ml THC cartridge.

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