Shatter Bars Canada

Shatter Bars Canada

Shatter Bars in Canada? That’s right! Canadians have been discovering the amazing healing properties of shatter with the delicious tastiness of premium chocolate. Shatterbars are quite possibly the greatest thing in cannabis edibles innovation and we are stoked to be sharing it with you!

Shatter Bars by Eu4ia (Euphoria) Extractions’ are the most famous and popular types of Shatter Bars available in Canada. However, other brands like Astro Edibles have invented their own kind, dubbed the Space Bar, which uses high-quality shatter and/or distillate.

Just when you believe you’ve seen it all, an absolute unit of an edible like the Shatterbar comes along. It’s simple too—shatter, dipped in chocolate, ready to eat.

Euphoria Extractions’ Shatter Bars are jam-packed with tasty morsels and are available in a number of strains and variations, all of which are available at The Chrono Canada today.

The lab-tested, full-spectrum extract packs a punch too—with shatterbars in Canada featuring over 250mg or 500mg of potent THC per bar. At 24 pieces per Shatter bar in Canada, that’s 10-20mg of THC per delicious square. Share with your friends, enjoy the experience, and consume your edibles responsibly!

Tolerance may vary. Consider eating 1 square of the shatter bar and waiting up to an hour before consuming more. Be prepared as the Canadian Shatter Bar high may last for several hours.

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