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Showing 33–36 of 36 results

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Want to know more about Concentrates Canada?

Concentrates are created in a process that separates the trichomes and the resin from the plant material. Doing this allows for the extraction of the maximum amount of cannabinoids and terpines while discarding the additional plant material. Concentrates are often higher potency than traditional plant and therefore users use smaller amounts to get their desired result.

What are marijuana concentrates?

Marijuana concentrates are derived from the cannabis flower and processed into a concentrated form. They contain highly potent levels of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), ranging from 40% to 80%. For those looking to compare these levels with the average THC product, high-grade cannabis plants usually contain about 20%. THC is the main psychoactive compound in cannabis which is responsible for the “high sensation” users know and love.

Where did marijuana concentrates originate?

Marijuana concentrates possess a deep-rooted connection to medicine, dating back to over 4000-years-ago, which explains why concentrates like hash, which consists of purified resin glands called trichomes, are so culturally intertwined around the world. In the modern-day, many new methods are now being used to extract and further refine concentrate products, delivering varied chemical results. Different types of cannabis concentrate Due to the growing popularity of the cannabis industry, a variety of classifications or product types have been created to meet the demand. These concentrates are available in numerous product types, forms, and consistencies, depending on your preference.
  1. Wax Wax is a potent cannabis concentrate that's thick and malleable, consisting of high THC levels. It is also named after its actual appearance. The potency is enhanced, helping to relieve things like anxiety, chronic pain, and depression. Its appealing smell and flavour are easy to handle and can be stored for months.
  2. Shatter A highly pure cannabis extract that features a high THC level with a potency ranging between 50% to 90%. Its high-quality and widespread efficiency explains why it's often used for medical marijuana patients. In its appearance, it possesses a thin, clear, sheet-like quality. It's also commonly used to help relieve health problems such as chronic pain, mood swings, depression, and stress.
  3. Budder This concentrate is most known for its flavor, color, and aromatic distinction, with a creamy texture that makes it great to consume and store. Budder also has some of the highest levels of terpenes out of all cannabis concentrates, which makes it great for a more euphoric experience.
  4. Crystalline Crystalline is a solid form of marijuana concentrate, which often resembles coarse sugar. It produces pure isolate crystals without flavor, color, or aroma. The best part is that its potency can reach as high up as 99.9%.
  5. 5. Distillate Distillate is a translucent oil that's devoid of the waxer or undesirable compounds from the original plant. It's desirable mainly for both its potency and versatility. Keep in mind that it lacks the terpenes as well as any naturally occurring flavors and aromas of the cannabis plant.

How do you consume marijuana concentrates?

There are different types of cannabis and marijuana concentrates, and equally different ways to consume them. Each method offers a unique experience:
  1. Top Your Flower Are you looking for a low-maintenance potency boost? This method doesn't require any expensive tools. Easily top off your rolled joint by adding some concentrates to the top. This will increase the potency of your smoking sess and will also add some exciting flavours.
  2. Dabbing This method is by far the most common consumption method associated with concentrated cannabis. It's often used when you want an instant fast-acting high. Although it requires some specific types of equipment for you to do it properly, there are lots of tools available for purchase.
  3. Vape Pen If you’re someone that just wants a lighter high in something transportable, the vaping method is probably best for you. All you need is a pre-filled cartridge and a battery or an all-in-one disposable vape pen and you’re good to go.
  4. Edibles This method usually takes longer to kick in when compared to the other ones, but its effectiveness lasts way longer. Just like vape pens, this method doesn’t necessarily require any special pieces of equipment and it's easily one of the most enjoyable ways to consume your concentrates.
  5. Topicals Applied to the skin are a concentrated form of cannabis that targets pain relief rather than a head high. This is great for someone who wants the amazing benefits that concentrates can offer without the sensation of being high.