Worth Your Paper Vapour Vape Tip: Plain

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Made from distillate for the cleanest smoothest high. 510 thread compatible. Works with any standard e-cig battery. No nicotine is used in this, so quit-smoking friendly. Plain Raw, Unflavoured. .5ml filled with approx. 40% THC to give you a nice smooth high with a few puffs.

This is a great alternative for the everyday on the go type of smoker that wants the effects of smoking without all the hassle of rolling/smoking. Includes one pre loaded vape pen tip. Just twist on any standard e-cig battery. Lasts approx. 50-150 tokes depending on inhale and size of toke.

Note: If you have a variable voltage battery, please turn down the battery to the lowest setting and go up from there. You CAN burn out the coil.

2 reviews for Worth Your Paper Vapour Vape Tip: Plain

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  1. mikemayea

    Wow did I end up loving this product! First and foremost, it had the most pleasant flavour ever considering it was ‘plain’. Tasted like the most pure clean vanilla weed experience possible.

    Downsides are the cost, I perhaps over embellished? I would love this to straight up replace smoking weed in my life, but I don’t see it being cost effective.

    The main upside is that indoor use, or public use. . it’s an absolute gem. Go to a restaurant, order your food, step out and get baked discretely, and eat. It produced quite large clouds on single hits. It can also make you cough if you over do it.

    I personally recommend everyone try these at least once, they also make amazing gifts. Should these become more cost effective. . I may just stop smoking all together.

  2. Shayne O.

    Great low key body high. I’m very happy I switched to this style of vaping, if you want to keep from smoking this is it. Trying to cut back from smoking everyday one tip is lasting 7/10 days.

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