Vansterdam 2010 T-Shirt

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This Vancouver weed t-shirt will soon become your favorite new addition to you every day, stoner-friendly wardrobe. After all, it’s fun, casual and is a good way to represent your love for the City of Vancouver and its weed culture.

You’ll enjoy everything about the fit, feel and durability of this vintage-inspired, Vancouver weed t-shirt. It was created to have a slightly scooped, stylish neckline while draping across the body to embellish the curves and highlights of any body type. While this Vancouver weed t-shirt creates a slimming look, it also features an elasticity to the material, retaining shape for both comfort and long-lasting dependability.

So, if you’re looking for a spontaneous, yet a contingent piece of outerwear that is uniquely designed and undeniable soft to the touch, then this Vancouver weed t-shirt will soon find its way to the top of your everyday wardrobe pile.  

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