Toko Vape Tip: Girl Scout Cookies

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C02 extracted, .5ml, correct lab analysis done on all Toko’s products.


This is a great alternative for the everyday on the go type of smoker that wants the effects of smoking without all the hassle of smoking. One Pre loaded – Vape Pen Tip. Used in conjunction with any 510 thread battery.


Note: Adjustable temperature batteries can cause coil errors, please turn down to lowest setting or use non-adjustable battery. 50-150 tokes depending on inhale.

1 review for Toko Vape Tip: Girl Scout Cookies

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  1. mvdl (verified owner)

    I vape with flowers. I vape with oil. I prefer flowers for a milder tastier smoke but am often tempted by the convenience of oil. On balance though, I find the experience with flowers to be more satisfying. I find this confusing: the flowers have a THC content of about 20% whereas oil claims a THC content of from 46% to 97%. Why do I have a better experience with flowers than oil?

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