Sec – Butterfly 1x400mg Gummy

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Soft, chewy, and juicy. Experience the butterfly effect with our highest THC dosage gummy. This treat is meant only for those fully comfortable and confident in their THC edibles tolerance level.
Strap in and prepare yourself for what may end up to be an evening of chaos theory with this THC gummy.

* Keep refrigerated. VERY heavy, first time users please eat with caution slowly and in small amounts.

8 reviews for Sec – Butterfly 1x400mg Gummy

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  1. darkshade505 (verified owner)

    Smell: Like fruity gummy
    Look: Like a cool butterfly gummy
    Taste: 7 (not the best tasting gummy i ever had, probably due to the amount of thc inside it)
    How high: 9.5 (i split it with my buddy and suffice it to say he legit passed out on the chair while we were hanging out, I had to struggle to do anything and before i knew it the day was over, do not attempt this if you have plans later! I would say this is on the chronobars level for sure!)

  2. Ike R. (verified owner)

    As someone who has always had an extremely high tolerance, edibles rarely if ever work for me. Not only did the 400mg gummies work, they gave me the edible high that I have been chasing for so long. The gummies themselves look and taste great. They were clearly made in a clean, professional environment. I highly recommend these for experienced consumers.

  3. 1CheeseHill (verified owner)

    Ate the whole gummy and all I can say is wow I was not ready for that lol Super high for like 24 hrs and apparently I took a bunch of really weird pics I do not remember taking. Very strong edibles and I would suggest people with a low tolerance only eat half.

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