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Purple Hashplant is an evenly-balanced hybrid with a combination of cerebral and body effects (it has a sativa/indica ratio of roughly 50:50). The high is hungry and creative yet lazy and calming, euphoric and giggly yet sleepy at the same time. That makes this a solid choice for medicating sleep disorders, lack of appetite, anxiety, migraine headaches, chronic pain, and stress. But it’s not such a good selection for patients who suffer from severe seizure disorders or other maladies that require CBD, as the concentration of that chemical is very low, judging by the lack of publicly available test results. THC levels are also hard to determine, yet there is no reason to think Purple Hashplant is either especially potent or especially weak. It produces a fruity berry aroma and a similar taste, while the buds are dark green and purple with orange hairs. Adverse effects include dry eyes and dry mouth, but other negatives appear to be less likely. Though Purple Hashplant has its fans, it isn’t particularly popular anywhere; still, it might be found at medical marijuana dispensaries in California’s Inland Empire.

Chrono’s Comments: A really nice, heavily blinged out, sparkling thc well balanced strain. Mid daytime high. Tighter, well trimmed nugs, with purple hues throughout some buds. Mostly Mid to Mid-Large consistency with a few token bigger pieces and few smaller random ones. Very nice berry-like nose, quite heavy. Burn is very nice and consistent after light, all around winner in the high trips!

16 reviews for Purple Hashplant

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  1. darkshade505

    Smell: 7
    Look: 8
    Smoke: 6 (vaped very good though 9/10)
    Taste: 8 (really complex, has a lot of things for it, def a bit of gas though)
    How High: 8.8 (i am fked up!)

    I was surprised how high this ended up getting me, for the price im convinced its a steal. The buds are nice and dense, it could use a touch of boveda love but it still had a bit of stick to it regardless, really nice and priced accordingly!

  2. Dominic (verified owner)

    Great stuff and strong but I can’t decide if I like the smell and taste. Has an complicated sweet outdoorsy floral smell/taste with some grape hints. Very visually appealling with purple highlights, lack of leaves and a great trim. However, it’s not that crystally compared to true high end strains. Overall, I’m being too critical though. It’s perfect for it’s value.

  3. phazed16 (verified owner)

    Really amazing for the price. Has a strong sour, berry, floral taste and smell that is really unique and tasty, almost doesn’t smell like weed! The buds are ridiculously dense (Half ounce came in like 5 nugs) and coated in trichomes. I personally find this better than some of the quads! Really great buy, hope you re-stock this strain when it sells out I will definitely buy again!

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