Purple Drank Breath #4

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Purple Drank Breath #4

The attractive cross of Purple Punch x Mendo Breath F2, Purple Drank Breath boasts bright orange pistils that provide a striking contrast atop frosty lime green buds. Arriving as supple, dense, medium nugs with some protective trim, this indica-dominant hybrid has a grapey ‘Breath‘ aroma that is earthy, sweet and fruity. After initial woody, dank notes, this Purple Drank Breath eases into sweet, earthy/herbal flavours before concluding with an enjoyable berry sweetness at higher temperatures. Offering immediate cerebral effects that mellow into long-lasting physical relaxation and couch lock, with dry mouth and dry eyes as possible adverse effects, this Purple Drank Breath was impressively potent.

Chrono’s Comments: A nice cousin to the #3 phenotype version, thc packed, slightly indica dominated strain. Mostly darker green nugs with a nice trichome sparkle throughout the bags. Mid to mid-firm density buds that are trimmed quite tight in appearance with minimal random leaves hanging out. Mostly medium sized consistency buds throughout the bags, few smaller and large pieces tossed in. Trim is decent with a few hand cropped leaves sticking out. Medium to medium heavy fragrant nose, typical ‘breathe’-like, earthy, sweet, floral and woody undertones. Great mid to later day type of smoke, leaving users with a medium burnout. Burn is nice and consistent grey-white after light, all around winner in supersale category!

1 review for Purple Drank Breath #4

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  1. Reidarmstrong (verified owner)

    Looks and smells pretty good. nice floral smell with a hint of stems(woody undertone) but when you smoke it. it brought me back to being young and smoking stems because I smoked all my bud. I would not recommend at all it hits like a cigarette but still tastes like stems

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