Purple Afghani

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Purple Afghani

Purple Afghani marijuana is a 75/25 Indica dominant cannabis strain. This kush was bred by BC Depot. It is an easy-to-grow marijuana plant, which can be planted both indoors and outdoor. Purple Afghani yields moderate harvests in 8-9 weeks. The buds are dense and large, with gorgeous purple leaves. This weed is potent, with THC levels of up to 20%, she may not be suitable for everyone. Purple Afghani marijuana is good for night time medicinal use due to strong analgesic properties.

Chrono’s Comments:

A nice darker green/hues of purple, sparkling thc heavily indica leaning strain. A mid to later day high leaving a medium to medium-heavy burnout. Medium to medium-firm density nugs, with mostly mid sized consistency, with some larger and smaller pieces mixed in. Trimmed decently with some light hand cropped scrappy leaves. Quite heavy nose, very purple kush-like nose, quiet pungent. Burn is nice and consistent grey after light,  all around winner in the trips category.


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  1. jordan0332 (verified owner)

    Was really smooth nice sticky buds just dident have the pk like taste or smell I was expecting still good overall

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