Orange Skunk

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SUPERSALE ITEM! Available only in grams, half oz’s, and oz’s!

Orange Skunk

Orange Skunk marijuana strain is a 80/20 Sativa dominant marijuana hybrid. This kush is also known as The Original Californian Orange Skunk. This herb can be enjoyed by most smokers thanks to moderate, 12-16% THC levels. Orange Skunk marijuana grows beautiful green buds covered in amber hairs, resin and trichomes. The nugs smell and taste of citrus and skunk. Orange Skunk marijuana is good for morning and daytime medical and recreational use due to stimulating properties.


Chrono’s Comments:  Sparkling THC on this sativa dominated strain. Nice phenotype with a dominate lighter green color throughout the nugs. Piece size is mostly medium-large, with some nugs small and some large to xl, quite big throughout. Nice hand cropped leaves and great cure, with a nice bag appeal. Not super sticky but very nice THC bling on the nugs. Good nose, More of a skunk nose with a hint of citrus, fruity, sweet and a touch of pine or earthy tones. Nice grey burn when lit leaves this nicely into our supersale category! Get it while it lasts!




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