Mayan Hash

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Indulge in the essence of British Columbia’s cannabis mastery with Mayan Hash. Crafted from AAA+ cannabis blooms, this hash revolutionizes tradition. Freshly harvested THC trichomes, delicately frozen and pressed with precision, yield a dense brick boasting exceptional longevity. Adorned with the seal of Kinich Ahau, the Mayan deity of light and heat, each brick embodies ancient reverence and modern innovation.

As it cures in darkness, the hash matures, enhancing its natural terpene symphony. Immerse yourself in the aromatic dance of cedar, pine, and a tantalizing nutty spice—a sensory journey reminiscent of OG Kush or El Jefe. Elevate your palate with Mayan Hash—a testament to BC’s cannabis legacy and the epitome of hashish perfection.

Offer ends July 12th, 11:59PM PST!