Master Yoda

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This is another SUPERSALE Special. Available in gram, half oz, and oz’s only.


Master Yoda

Master Yoda is a strong strain that has THC levels of over 20%. It is mostly indica-dominant with just enough of a sativa ratio to send users up in space. Winner of the 2012 edition of High Times Los Angeles Cannabis Cup, Master Yoda has been a local favorite in the City of Angels. It is a cross between the OG Kush and the Master Kush and the plant can withstand harsh conditions. Appearance wise the strain has magnificent orange hairs growing out of the light green buds. Crystals cover almost every inch of the huge nugs with tri-chromes swollen with THC. The smell is overpowering but pleasant. It will stay in your household for a few days and the aroma is a mix of dankness and vanilla, the perfect combination for the OG appreciators. Master Yoda takes the taste buds on a rollercoaster ride from lemon to vanilla and then orange. It is a real treat for marijuana enthusiasts. Users feel relaxed from the first hit and it sends them into a couch lock for a couple of hours. It is good body buzz for a lazy afternoon. Patients suffering from chronic pain can use this as it whets the appetite, relaxes the muscles and nerves and provides mental and physical relief.



Chrono’s Comments: A nice, more indica dominated strain. Lots of sparkling thc with moderate looser hand trimmed leaves, leaving a little extra leaf on the nugs. A mid to later day high leaving you with a mid-level burnout. Mostly large pieces throughout the bag with a few xl/smaller mixed in throughout the bag. Nose is kush-like, spicy, earthy and is medium pungentness. Consistent burn once lit, nice grey-white ash with kush flavor, makes this a great economical option in our supersale category!


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