Lambs Breath Bubble Hash – 67u

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Some of the finest hash we have. Selected plants of this premium strain were selected, frozen, stripped in a ice bath and filtered down to a custom made 67u micron bag. The Hash was then instantly flashed frozen and freeze dried to extract any moisture possible. The outcome is some of the purest, most fresh hash ever consumed.

2nd Batch (late july edition) Lamb’s Breath
Lamb’s Breath is also known as Lamb’s Bread. Not only is a sativa dominant strain, but it was smoked by none other than Bob Marley Himself. With a 5:95 indica/sativa ratio, the strain produces an amazing 16-21% THC content that will get you high in no time. The buds are sticky and large, but very dense at the same time. Apart from being dark green in color, the buds are covered by crystals and orange hairs. As for the taste, it is quite similar to its aroma. It smells like a sweet cigarette all the while tasting spicy and dank with lime undertones. After smoking the strain, the effects kick in gradually. The high start off by lifting your mood, do not be surprised if your feel extremely euphoric. But the best thing about the strain is that you will feel an increase in creativity and introspection. Since it is a sativa strain, its effects are mostly cerebral. The mental stimulation actually has no affects on your body whatsoever. But then again, you will not feel tired but you will feel focused and energized with the strain. However, it is recommended for morning use and can do wonders for patients suffering from anxiety, stress and even depression.

7 reviews for Lambs Breath Bubble Hash – 67u

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  1. lmtehmofo (verified owner)

    Greatest hash you can get imo.
    The smell and taste is just incredible. The smoke is T H I C C !
    It gives a good smoke and burn slowly. I would recommended to mix it with some herb in a pipe.
    Don’t throw too much flame or you will burn your product.

  2. kickassgreenmachine (verified owner)

    very nice. tasty AF

  3. James (verified owner)

    Lambs Breath is aptly named: this is a mild, gentle hash that will offend no one. Very easy on the throat and lungs, it delivers a mellow, low-intensity buzz. It holds together well at room temperature with the consistency and feel of putty, and so can be easily rolled into strips for the purpose of mixing it with weed. Combine it with an Indica for a relaxing high, perfect for an evening of contemplation and relaxation. Combine it with a Sativa if you want to curb some of the Sativa’s intensity. Combining this with a harsh (on the throat) weed will help to mellow the smoke. The smell is also very low-key – none of that strong, slightly sweet smell of industrial black hash.

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