Ice Age

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Ice Age

Cross Between Woolly Mammoth and High School Sweetheart

Bred by Gage Green Genetics, High School Sweetheart is a cross of Cherry Pie Kush and Grateful Breath. This hybrid grows large dense buds with big calyxes, boasting lots of resin perfect for hash production. High School Sweetheart offers pungent earthy aromas with fruity and gassy undertones. Its effects are light and energetic.

This hybrid from The Bank Cannabis Genetics is a cross between the sativa-dominant Snowcap and indica-dominant LA Confidential. There isn’t a lot of information available on Mammoth, but the breeder suggests that growers should look for phenotypes featuring the enormous yields of Snowcap, the shorter flowering time and manageable height of LA Confidential, and the dense buds, high potency, resin production, and disease resistance of both parents.

Chrono’s Comments:  A amazingly nice rare quite evenly balanced strain. Mostly lighter to mid green nugs with bright orange hairs and some deep purple/blue mixes throughout the bags.  Medium firm density buds that are quite tight in appearance with minimal random leaves hanging out. Heavily frosted, amazing looking, mostly large consistency buds throughout the bags, few smaller and xl pieces tossed in. Trim is great with minimal leaves sticking out. Very fragrant nose, unique breath-like, gassy, sweet, and tangy undertones. Great later day type  smoke, leaving users with a medium heavy burnout. Burn is consistent white/grey after light, all around winner in quads category!


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