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Raw Resin. Raw means never frozen. Hystars method of extraction uses only freshly harvested buds that have never been frozen, which produces a full-bodied flavour that is true to the flower. Raw resin is a true full spectrum extract (TFSE). Strain is a sativa dominant phenotype by Sensei Seeds, Sensei Jack. Experience the BEST, with 75-85% THC Content, 5-8% Terpene content. Lab results available on Hystar’s website.

Sold in individually packaged 1 gram packages.


5 reviews for Hystar – Sensei Jack Raw Resin – TFSE

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  1. James B. (verified owner)

    This. This is has such a delicious taste. The terpenes are on point in this product. Amazing buzz and amazing taste. 10/10. Would love to see some more flavours added.

  2. jj224ca (verified owner)

    this honestly one of the best tasting dabs ive ever had and the buzz was beautiful would recommend too all

  3. cfisherns (verified owner)

    I don’t even know where to start with this stuff, it’s so good! I don’t even want to smoke shatter anymore, all I want is this!

    Imagine standing in the middle of the most verdant weed garden you’ve ever seen, inhaling as deep as possible. That’s what it’s like dabbing this, it tastes like a fresh plant smells lol. It’s green tasting but it’s a GOOD green tasting, not you usual local plug green tasting stuff haha. Reminds me of an oud wood candle I have. Just so fresh, clean, and green!

    High is long and clear. Ofc I did one too many the first day it arrived hah. Very up sativa high, go go go. I could see a few cleaner houses after seshes of this. Lasts for hours but isn’t a drag on the comedown. I feel you need to have a good 6 hours available to appreciate the full high this gives you. It’s not something I’d dab before bed, I want to be awake for this!

    I saw that they have Panama Red as well elsewhere (wink wink nudge nudge chrono inventory buyer)

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