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Raw Resin. Raw means never frozen. Hystars method of extraction uses only freshly harvested buds that have never been frozen, which produces a full-bodied flavour that is true to the flower. Raw resin is a true full spectrum extract (TFSE). Strain is a sativa dominant phenotype, K1. Experience the BEST, with 75-85% THC Content, 5-8% Terpene content. Lab results available on Hystar’s website.

Sold in individually packaged 1 gram packages.


2 reviews for Hystar – K1 Raw Resin – TFSE

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  1. rogueheadbanger (verified owner)

    Wow. Never tried this before, did two blasts and must say I definitely “‘High Schooled'” myself(remember in high school when you were like “I’m too stoned man, gotta chill for a bit.”? And you were torqued out of your mind just trying to keep it together). That’s where I’m at now, and I’m lovin’ it! Great taste, smokes well of the rig, leaves a nice aftertaste, I’ve found. Most certainly will be dabbling in this again soon.

  2. jimbomartinez (verified owner)

    Nice tasting dabs with lots of euphoria!

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