Harlo’s Watermelon Lollipop

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These are great tasting just like your favorite brand! Power-packed THC infused lollipops are made with 125mg of indica based strains in these lollipops. Each lollipop is indivudually wrapped and made with love.

6 reviews for Harlo’s Watermelon Lollipop

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  1. Mike T.

    This is a really good flavour. Got me decently high from 1 too

  2. ang (verified owner)

    A Jolly Rancher type flavor and consistency, these little suckers started acting quite fast, even during consuption, which is nice because given the consistency if you were to attempt crunching the whole thing it could cost a tooth. As with most strong edibles the aftertatse is bitter and unavoidable but with the potency this is quite forgivable.

  3. danielgunton

    Suckers are my go to for edibles, I ordered 4 of these(2 blue raspberry and 2 watermelon). I’m only going to review one because I wasn’t very happy with both flavours. The taste is there but very weak and chalky I found. I powered back one of them and felt nothing while consuming , waited an hour or so and decided to attack another one. Absolutely no high, no buddy buzz and over-all a waste of money for me. These are 125mg of thc per sucker and I had two with zero effects. Everything else on the website has been great to me, these I cannot vouch for though. If I can recommend a product to ca.thechrono.is please look into *********. I used to pay $12 for a 175 mg thc lollipop at my local dispensary and not once have I ever been able to finish one. Please don’t find my suggestion rude, I’d just love to order edibles with confidence from you guys in the future.

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