Gorilla Zkittlez

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SUPERSALE ITEM! Available only in grams, half oz’s, and oz’s!

Gorilla Zkittlez

Its buds are somewhat dense and form fleshy calyxes, completely coated with white, aromatic trichome heads, allowing customers to make high-yielding resin extractions.

The high level of THC, around 24%, gives Gorilla Zkittlez a really intense, relaxing and pleasant effect at the physical level, which helps us manage pain and to relax, keeping our minds busy in a cloud of psychedelic thoughts.

The aroma is sweet, gassy, exotic and herbaceous, combining notes of ripe tropical fruit with the taste of exotic hashish.

Chrono’s Comments: A nice, heavily blinged out, sticky, sparkling thc on this slightly more indica leaning strain. Lighter to mid-green nugs with slightly looser, fluffier buds, with mostly consistent mid-sized nugs throughout the bags. Trimmed pretty tight with some extra hand cropped leaves sticking out, slightly leafy looking. Heavy fragrant nose, kush-like with some sweetness, little floral, and fruity are some notable scents. Burn is nice and consistent grey-white after light,  all around winner in the supersale category! Nice super sticky fragrant buds!




7 reviews for Gorilla Zkittlez

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  1. richardlarocque86 (verified owner)

    For me I was iffy on ordering but once I received my order of gorilla Skittles.. I was able to tell by feel of nuts and the look that it would of been really good …well best be known I get home rolled a joint smokes it I wasn’t even I hafe way thru it.. and I was high…. and it lasted hours…id buy it again everytime I order but it’s often they don’t have enough to do fulfill my order but the next one if u want something similar to the girl is skittle is the heavenly OG..just a different high and feel

  2. Mark H. (verified owner)

    Very sticky and sweet

  3. Pandafire (verified owner)

    High is really nice, taste is sweet and smooth, i agree with the borderline quad comment 100% percent! Will order again ×2

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