Gorilla Glue #4

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Gorilla Glue #4

Gorilla Glue #4 is a very potent strain of cannabis, mainly grown in Colorado. The genetic makeup is a mix of Chocolate Diesel with Sour Dub and Chem Sister. The smell of diesel is strong but the taste is similar to coffee that has gone stale. The smell is extremely strong, one of the strongest strains. This is why it is mainly grown indoors. The THC level is about 25-28%. This marijuana plant is light green in color. When it is ready to be harvested, the leaves look like they have snow or salt on them. They offer a high yield of THC. Gorilla Glue #4 is a indica dominant hybrid strain. This type of cannabis is often used by those that feel a need to self-medicate. It can help with reducing chronic pain such as arthritis and chronic back pain. It is also used for the treatment of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).


Chrono’s Comments: A quite sticky, nice heavily blinged out, sparkling thc well balanced strain. Lighter mid-green on most nugs, with some purples and yellow leaves mixed in. Later daytime high with medium dense buds, with mostly mid-sized consistency, some larger, some smaller mixed in. Trimmed decently with some light hand cropped scrappy leaves. Quite typical gorilla glue nose, spicy and gassy are typical scents. Burn is nice and consistent white after light,  all around winner in the trips!

3 reviews for Gorilla Glue #4

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  1. franx36 (verified owner)

    Very potent. Long lasting high. Good looking buds but no “wow” effect.
    For this price it’s an excellent choice.

  2. Dank H. (verified owner)

    Very nice high trips with this one. Came a little dry but nothing a boveda couldn’t handle. Very good trim work. Cure is on point as well. Aromatics are very nice and burned very clean with a pleasant sweet and earthy taste. Certainly an enjoyable one I would consider again. Very good value for the tag.

  3. ryanbrdgr (verified owner)

    Very very nice i have been smoking the same zip for over 2 weeks now and im a heavy smoker… Goes to show the potency its a bedtime chill out high definatly not a working high or overall energy fueled high. Pairs up DANK with a large french vanilla. All in all will order again when time comes very happy with this one

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