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Glass filter tips each with unique design and different mouthpieces. These sturdy little pieces are perfect for both the experienced and rookie smoker. Makes holding your cig much more comfortable, as well as allow you to smoke every last bit of your herbs. This glass filter helps collect tar and other particles that individuals often intake when not using filters. Filters are reusable, washable and easy to store in their plastic little jars. For rolling into rolled smokes. Please note, there is a variety of designs and each tip order will be chosen at random.


4 reviews for Glass Filter Tips

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  1. brycejeffries125

    Terrific little knick knack for the Doobie enthusiast in your life. Also keeps the fingers fresh and non smelly.

  2. phazed16

    Your basic glass filter. High quality and comes with its on container for carrying.

  3. justin

    A must have if you smoke joints . it makes the whole experience a little classier , and helps keep it a bit cooler near the end . i suggest filling the tube it comes in with iso to keep it clean between uses.

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