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Gold Label

These bad boys are the best of the best, believe it. Made from only the finest, top shelf strains, the Gold Label line is for high rolling cannabis connoisseurs only. Get ready to have your mind blown. Comes in single .5g dubes.

BB Chemdawg

Blackberry Chem OG, also known more commonly as “Blackberry Chemdawg,” is an indica dominant strain that is created through a cross of the popular Blackberry X Chem Dawg strains. Although it tends to be evenly balanced, some breeders have offered forth varieties that are slightly indica dominant in nature. The Blackberry Chem OG high is very happy and relaxed with a lift of giddy euphoria upon first toke that lasts for hours on end. You’ll feel a sense of happy energy that gets you moving, followed by a powerful couch-lock that pulls you straight down into hazy bliss. The comedown is often very sleepy and can cause you to pass out. Because of these effects an its powerful 18-24% THC level, Blackberry Chem OG is said to be ideal for treating conditions such as chronic anxiety or stress, PTSD, arthritis, and chronic pain. The Blackberry Chem OG taste is very unique, with flavors of sweet berries accented by sharp chemicals. The aroma is very mild, with a sweet blueberry smell that has an earthiness and a slight ammonia hint as the nugs are broken apart. This bud has piecy and airy cone-shaped dark olive green nugs with long thick amber hairs and a frosty coating of amber colored crystal trichomes.


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