Everest Extracts – Golden Pineapple Shatter

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Golden Pineapple

The golden pineapple sounds like a strain that is exotic and helps you battle a lot of things that you may be going through due to one reason or the other. The Golden Pineapple proves to be very effective both in the short run and in the long run regardless of the problem you may be facing. The Golden Pineapple is a very popular hybrid that is considered to be a cross between the Pineapple Kush and the Golden Goat. This particular strain naturally has a fruity and a very tropical flavor and aroma which are similar to that of a sour pineapple. Apart from its great taste, this strain is quite effective at battling stress, anxiety and depression. This particular strain also provides you with a good amount of energy, allowing you to seize the day. This is a good strain to smoke especially when you have a long and hard day in front of you. However, the only thing to look out for is the fact that if you take it in larger doses you can find it hard to focus on whatever you will be doing that day.


Sold in individually wrapped 1 gram packages.

3 reviews for Everest Extracts – Golden Pineapple Shatter

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  1. skullmask447 (verified owner)

    Clear, brittle and very nice taste.
    Hope the other strains are this good.

  2. darealheppner (verified owner)

    Didn’t care for this one.
    Clear, gooey. Bad aftertaste.

  3. Shatterologist (verified owner)

    The taste is really amazing on this one !!

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