El Muerte

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El Muerte

This bud lives up to its name as it is very effective at combating insomnia leading to a long, refreshing sleep. If you are looking for a euphoric high without the urge to sleep, you may want to take it slow with this strain. Muerte contains a high level of THC within its forest green buds making it a very potent Indica. Its expertly cured buds make for a pleasant aroma to inhale in either a vaporizer or a joint. If you don’t fear the reaper, this is the strain for you.

This strain is a cross of the parents in the Kush and Diesel families, making it a powerful Indica dominant strain. Muerte is named for the spanish symbol of death meaning the user can expect a deep sleep after consuming large quantities of it. THC levels can reach higher than 20-24%, putting this on the top shelf of potent Indica strains.


Chrono’s Comments: Super sparkling sticky THC on this more indicia leaning hybid strain. Mostly mid to darker green with some purples and blue hues mixed in. Piece size is mostly medium-large, with some nugs smaller less then mid sized and some large-xl nugs, but fairly consistent throughout the bags. Lightly airy, mostly dense nugs that have hand cropped leaves and great sticky to touch cure, with a good sticky bag appeal. Super sticky with heavy bling shine to the nugs, leave you wanting more and your buster jammed up from the stick. Very good heavy nose with very heavy kush like smell, gassy/dieselly are smells to expect. Great white-grey burn with an outstanding night time high leaving users with a heavy burnout enough to put you to sleep. Grab this one to have a great sleep, for the end of the night. This falls directly into our Chrono Quad category, grab it while it lasts!

2 reviews for El Muerte

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  1. coreys34 (verified owner)

    Super nice,smooth ,relaxing,perfect for anxiety sufferers.Nice sleep afterwards.

  2. tuckerwrite (verified owner)

    I only bought a gram as a taster and was disappointed with the smell. Maybe I just got an older bud. But the high was really nice. More than made up for the lack of nose. I would definitely try again, hopefully next time a bit stankyer

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