Citrus Skunk

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The “Citrus Skunk” is a super sticky and stinky hybrid variety that was brought forth by the Jordan of the Islands seed company in British Columbia. This Skunk #1 and California Orange combo is a well balanced hybrid strain that produces medium sized plants that grow big and bushy if trained properly. The “Citrus Skunk” has a rather intense terpene profile that’s full-bodied smoke starts with a sweet, tangy, orange-like flavor before quickly molding into the classic Skunk funk that’s been stinking up growrooms and pockets for decades now. Her perfectly balanced hybrid high starts with a highly euphoric, cerebral and visually stimulating head buzz that’s eventually paired up with a calming body stone that helps to ease common aches and pains without being too sedative or narcotic.


Chrono’s Comments: Super sticky high terpene rich nose and a very well balance mix of a strain. Genetics quite well balanced between a skunk and cali orange. It has a nice color, mostly lighter green with orange hairs. Nice very heavy fruity, citrusy, skunky nose. Good burn, white little grey mid day to later day smoke with mid level burn out. Very resinous buds that are mostly mid sized mixed in with some smaller nugs. Citrus Skunk makes it nicely into our Chrono Quads selection.

13 reviews for Citrus Skunk

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  1. teemu_selanne_08 (verified owner)

    Very sticky, and fluffy. Smokes slow, and burns nice. Powerful buzz. Great for evenings not so much days as burnout can be strong.

  2. Schwak d. (verified owner)

    I didnt find the burn out to be bad as previous review states. Im sure if you are a heavy bong smoker, this weed will get ya, but i roast multiple j’s throughout the day and its heavenly. I love this strain, its so sticky its cleaned all the cake out of my buster which is wild. If you want a high quality batch, this is the one to get.

  3. Craig (verified owner)

    Simply wonderful. Very nice smell to it, very citrussy, nice taste and burns well. Great buzz, loosened me up and made all the little aches and pains go away.

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