Cannalife Botanicals Arthritis Balm – Extra Strength (30ml)

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Soothe nerves, muscles and joints. Reduce the inflammation and pain caused by arthritis while also supporting the cell renewal process. Formulated to be deep penetrating and heat activating. It combines the potent synergy of cannabis, comfrey and nettle plant medicine. Apply generously.


This product contains 89mg of THC.

1 review for Cannalife Botanicals Arthritis Balm – Extra Strength (30ml)

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  1. pinkpearlbling (verified owner)

    I just turned 50 on Monday, and I honestly wondered if I was going to make it! I have been in 13 motor vehicle accidents!!! 😜 I’d like to point out that I was only driving in two of them. So needless to say my body is pretty f’d up! 🤯 To say that I live with chronic pain is probably the world’s biggest understatement. I now have degenerative disc disease and degenerative nerve disease along with a few other things all attacking my body at the same time, (I now have an electric wheelchair, a lift chair at home, care aides, and all kinds of other fun stuff like that) so I smoke A LOT of weed and I found this really GREAT CREAM here that is just bloody BRILLIANT! And it smells delightful if you don’t want that strong horrible mint smell that most of the creams have following you throughout your day – out the door with you wherever you go, this stuff hardly has any sent it’s just got a light scent of lemongrass. It’s beautiful!!!! Made in British Columbia so you’re supporting local YAY!!! I really can’t say enough about it, I’ve used it on my entire family; my spouse, my two senior parents that reside in the same home as me (so we all have aches and pains), my brother (who lives down the road from me, he’s three years older than me and he does Landscaping work all day) and it’s pretty much all of us have had the same reaction the stuff – after you put it on it’s almost immediate pain relief. I highly recommend trying it, a little bit goes a long, long, long way!👍👍

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