Boy Scout Cookie

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This is another SUPERSALE Special. Available in gram, half oz, and oz’s only.


Boy Scout Cookies

Boy Scout Cookie, also known more commonly as “BSC,” is an evenly balanced hybrid (50% indica/50% sativa) strain that is a phenotype of the infamous Girl Scout Cookies strain. This bud can be slightly indica dominant, too, at times, depending of course on breeder practices. This tasty bud is beloved for its sweet flavor that is very much like an actual cookie, with hints of nutty vanilla and butter. The aroma is very similar, but with a pungent twist of sweet skunk and earthy nuts. The Boy Scout Cookie high is very uplifting and relaxed in nature, filling both your mind and body with happy bliss. It starts with a mood boost that launches your spirits to the sky. A creeping body buzz comes next, suddenly overtaking you with a powerful couch-lock that melts you into wherever you happen to be sitting for hours on end. The munchies hit hard next, so be sure to have some snacks on hand since you won’t be able to move! Because of these effects and its powerful 19-23% level, Boy Scout Cookie is said to be ideal for treating conditions such as eye pressure, depression, chronic fatigue, and chronic stress or anxiety. This bud has large and heavy spade-shaped dark forest green nugs with lots of amber hairs, frosty white trichomes, and visible droplets of sticky sweet resin.

Chrono’s Comments: A nice looking, flavorful, equally balanced strain. Mostly lighter to mid green nugs with heavy trichome sparkle throughout the bags. Firm density buds that are quite tight in appearance with minimal random leaves hanging out. Mostly medium to medium large, bally, consistency buds throughout the bags, few smaller and xl pieces tossed in. Trim is decent with a few hand cropped leaves sticking out. Medium fragrant nose, typical cookie-like, tropical, hint of sweet and earthy undertones. Great mid day type of smoke, leaving users with a medium burnout. Burn is nice and consistent grey-white after light, all around winner in supersale category!

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  1. lukianmachula (verified owner)

    Very smooth, easy to smoke. Nice relaxing high. The Chrono never disappoints

  2. destroboy13 (verified owner)

    always a quilty product

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