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Blackout Extract Moonrocks are made from a Quad Bubba Kush bud, dipped in pure distillate and then powdered in kief! Best way to smoke it is in a bong or a pipe by ripping a piece off the Moonrock. However, it can be smoked any way you want – just don’t use your grinder, use scissors if you are rolling it yourself. Lasts a lot longer than a regular gram of flower. THC Content is 50%+. As the moonrocks are graded by size not by weight a typical moonrock weighs between .9 – 1.4 grams.

Please keep in mind these are slightly different then your traditional moonrocks you may be used to, as traditional moonrocks use oil instead of distillate. Distillate however, preserves the longevity and quality of the kief and overall moonrocks themselves leaving them firm and nice, not ‘wet’ or ‘mushy’ upon arrival.  

Sold in individually pre-packaged into .9 – 1.4 gram cups.


11 reviews for Blackout Extracts – Moon Rocks

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  1. Quad H.

    Wow!! These are the best moonrocks Ive seen out of a few diff places. Zero stem, almost pure kief but there is definitely a little bud in there and obv dist to keep it together. Super thick smoke, heavy af. Strong high. If moonrocks are your thing then Id say youll enjoy these. 4 stars because moonrocks arent normally my thing due to price. But these are awesome!!

  2. Schwak d. (verified owner)

    First time trying the rock. Used a pipe as i did not want to waste it with a joint or busting it up. Went to a friends and had a great session. Broke it in half and passed the pipe around for awhile. It was firece and hot, great high, great quality.

  3. paula_surette (verified owner)

    Must say disappointed, first time trying one but not like the others I’ve saw online . They were all super gummy, this was extremely dry. In the write up it says don’t use a grinder I guarantee l could’ve used a grinder no problem. Still a buzz in it but IMO take yer $30 a get a gram of CBD shatter

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