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Hemp Star

Hempstar is a sativa dominant hybrid with a 10:90 indica/sativa ratio. Hempstar is a cross between Haze, Oasis and Skunk. With an exceptional 25% THC content the strain is not to be taken lightly. Hempstar is also popularly referred to as Brainstorm and produces dense nuggets that are covered with dark green leaves. Moreover, you will even notice hues of purple with a fine amount of red hair seeping through the surface all the while being extremely sticky and frosty at the same time. Hempstar smells quite fruity which is unusual considering its heritage. But then again, it tastes more or less the same with earthy undertones. One of the best things about Hempstar is that its high lasts for no less than three hours. As soon as you begin smoking the strain, you will feel the high overcome your body and mind. You will not only feel extremely relaxed but you will happy as well. The strain is better known for its medical applications. On several occasions it has proven to be successful at treating medical conditions like schizophrenia, severe insomnia, depression, anxiety and loss of appetite.


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2 reviews for Big Bang – Hempstar

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  1. Chrissie (verified owner)

    This stuff works amazing for my depression and even a little bit of my back pain. It gives you energy and makes you happy that is not a lie. And the high last for a really long time as well. I will continue to buy this stuff for a long time.

  2. Damian B.

    This stuff makes you feel great all over, after a few hits of this stuff, you will find a smile growing, along with sense of happiness and ease, completely stress free.

    The smell of this shatter is quite strong, but it smells really good, the shatter is a very nice shade of amber and this stuff is really potent, its very easy to smoke too much of this, so take your time with this strain, or you may find yourself in a very uncomfortable situation.

    I use this stuff to start my day even though I would say this is a mid-late day smoke, I usually load up my vape once and me and a couple of my buds are soaring high, and its lasts too, we usually smoke this before and during bowling night, everyone is happy, energized and giggly the entire night, and in the end, when you begin to come down, this stuff brings you in for a smooth landing, leaving comfortable in your bed for a good nights sleep

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