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Bubblegum which was originated in Indiana during 1970s, is an almost 80/20 split across indica and sativa dominance. The bubblegum indica dominant hybrid strain was created by crossing Indiana Bubblegum with an unidentified indica cannabis strain. This strain was then taken to Amsterdam in order to clone and hybridize. It took several years to finally come up with a stable bubblegum strain with the typical sweet odor and euphoric high. The strain got its name for its smell which is just like the pink bubble gum. This medical marijuana strain was able to acquire a quick reputation for its sweetness. It has a mild taste with bubble gum flavor both during inhale and exhale. This strain is the winner of several accolades and has been placed frequently in the ‘High Times Cannabis Cup’. The plant appears light green colored with several bright orange colored hairs. The buds will look airy with lots of crystals that appear snowy. This strain will give the classic effects of old-school indica that will last up to two hours. Patients with stress, anxiety and tension are found to have good results upon using this strain. Bubblegum also has the mood-elevating property.

Sold in individually wrapped 1 gram packages.

4 reviews for BC Nectar – Bubblegum Shatter

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  1. PUrPleReefER (verified owner)

    First time trying this brand and I’m loving it so much! Never going back to Phyto. These guys are trustworthy and I’ve already placed 3 decent sized orders through them. Thanks a lot. This review is for all BC Nextar products!

  2. Tay E. (verified owner)

    Great strain. Wasn’t my favourite taste, but that might just be my preference because my friend didn’t mind it. Came in a cute little package and i loved that lol. Gave me a nice relaxing high and i would recommend it for sure.

  3. Phazed_

    Really solid shatter, great consistancy, shatters when its cold and slightly gooey when warm. No expceptional flavor or tatse but definitely not bad by any means.

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