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10-12MG of THC in each candy / packs of four flavours

• Sweet and sassy with a little sour attitude

• Each candy contains 10-12mg of THC. and .103 of CBD

• Effective relief from all forms of general inflammatory and neuropathic pain

• Promotes relaxation

When you need relief on the go, CannaSweets are like sunshine in a bag. They provide a consistent dosage you can trust and fit discreetly into your pocket or purse. CannaSweets are formulated with CO2 oil from an organic hybrid Indica strain. Our candies taste great and are well balanced to give you that uplifting euphoric feeling while giving you pain relief.

4 reviews for Apothecary – CannaSweets Hard Candies

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  1. darkshade505 (verified owner)

    Smell: Like candy
    Look: Perfectly portioned, no odd shapes here!
    Smoke: N/A
    Taste: 10/10 (Im not normally a sour candy guy but wow, these were amazing, just the right amount of sour counterbalanced by sweet, really well done!)

    How High: 8 (its very hard for me to judge edibles but i found these had a solid noticeable effect, i felt more high throughout the day and had less of a need to smoke.)

  2. mommy_mcd1 (verified owner)

    First time trying edibles and won’t try them again if this is what they are like
    No noticeable high after two candies
    Taste was not sour at all too sweet

  3. jeffharris1333 (verified owner)

    I smoke alot too say the least.lol i found the candies worked fantastic at getting me thru day without smoking, and taste good as well.great producuct

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