Apawthecary – Dog Wrinkles Face Cream


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Apawthecary – Dog Wrinkles Face Cream

100% all-natural organic face cream

Specifically formulated to treat & prevent skin fold disease, infection & discomfort

Great for pugs, shar pei, mastiffs, bloodhounds, bulldogs, etc.

For treating & preventing:
◦ Skin fold dermatitis
◦ Yeast & bacterial infections
◦ Redness
◦ Chafing
◦ Inflammation
◦ Crusty buildup
◦ Sores
◦ Pimples
◦ Scabbing
◦ Interdigital cysts
◦ Itchy
◦ Flaky skin
◦ Hair loss & baldness
◦ Unpleasant odour

Ingredients: hemp oil, hemp terpenes, kukui oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, chamomile oil, calendula oil, organic shea butter, rosemary extract, bergamont oil, vitamin E, beeswax


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