Apawthecary – Dog Sniffer Salve

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Apawthecary – Dog Sniffer Salve

100% all-natural organic salve

Specifically formulated to treat crusty and damaged noses

Our cream for dog’s noses is a synergistic, perfect blend of organic, vegan, nourishing, healing and moisturizing ingredients. In just days, our amazing dry skin treatment for dog noses will have your pup’s nose soothed, softened, and rejuvenated. Sniffer Salve is intentionally developed to be scent-free because dogs do not like scents the way humans do. Protect your dog’s nose from sunburn with the natural SPF benefits. Sniffer Salve works much better and faster than coconut oil! Sniffer Salve can be applied to a dog’s nose to treat painful cracking and dryness as well as a preventative with its natural sunscreen elements.

Used for the following:
◦ Dry, chapped nose
◦ Crusty & cracked nose
◦ Hyperkeratosis
◦ Windburn prevention
◦ Natural sunscreen
◦ Extreme weather conditions
◦ Dry skin around the face, lips and ears
◦ Canine dry eye
◦ Discoid lupus
◦ Brachycephalic breeds

1 review for Apawthecary – Dog Sniffer Salve

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  1. Jayson (verified owner)

    Works really good, try don’t to get it close to your dogs nostrils as it seems to trigger my dog to lock it all off, but when it stays on it works well and is noticeable.

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